Community Supports

SKILLS, Inc. provides community supports in Pittsfield, Skowhegan, and Hinckley. Each program is unique, but all offer people with intellectual disabilities daily opportunities to learn new skills and engage with the community. Our new flexible schedule helps program attendees experience even more community events and explore community membership.

Programs are open 8AM to 2PM, Monday through Friday with optional evening and weekend sessions.

Community Support Locations: L.C. Dill Community Supports in Skowhegan, Ervin Community Supports in Hinckley, and  Pittsfield Community Supports in Pittsfield.

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Residential Supports

We know that adults want to be independent. SKILLS  residential programs serve homes all over central Maine so that adults with intellectual disabilities can stay in the communities they grew up in. 

Our Direct Support Professionals work in homes 24-hours a day to support residents to grow and thrive in their communities.

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Community Integration

SKILLS Community Integration Programs provide people the resources they need to explore their interests, connect with their community, better define their vocational interests, and achieve their goals. This might include the choice to participate in the 8-week Job Club Program, Community Membership activities, or work with our Career Planning team for 60 hours over a six-month period. 

In later 2023, SKILLS will begin piloting Pre-Employment and Driver's Education options.

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