L.C. Dill Community Supports helps people with intellectual disabilities learn, grow, and connect with their community. 

Giving Back to the Community

At L.C. Dill, we succeed and thrive as members of a community. We partner with Meals on Wheels, a local nursing home, and other community organizations to offer volunteer opportunities. The people that we support love giving back to the community, and the community loves getting their help. During every activity, L.C. Dill staff work to ensure the safety of all the people we support by actively working with them to build positive relationships in a community supports program focused on their unique needs.

Learning and Growing at L.C. Dill

At L.C. Dill Community Supports, we have fun while learning and growing together. In the relaxed yet structured environment of our community support program, adults with intellectual disabilities learn new skills, pursue their passions, and increase their connection to the community. Participants build skills that support independence including: reading, writing, and math cooking budgeting and shopping building healthy relationships health and fitness

Building Health and Happiness

All who attend the L.C. Dill program have access to a gym and are encouraged (though not required) to join our Special Olympics team. In addition to physical fitness, we focus on personal growth and enrichment through exploring hobbies like sewing, painting, and music and by taking part in community activities.

Members can attend evening dances in the gym and take day trips to local fairs, museums, shopping centers, sporting events, as well as a therapeutic farm. Each attendee receives a $100 credit (*pro-rated for part-time attendance) to help pay for off-site activities.