Ervin Community Supports

Building Community Connections

At Ervin Community Supports we engage with the community every day.

Our program promotes independence and helps build life skills for adults with intellectual disabilities. We meet people and build healthy relationships by regularly going out into the community. Together we play Bocce, picnic at the beach, shop at local stores, attend Camp Tall Pines, visit museums and cheer at the Sea Dogs game (in some cases, we can help with the cost of activities). 

Skills For Life

When we’re not out and about in the community, Ervin Community Supports promotes independence by helping the people we support build life skills including: reading and writing, cooking, hygiene and safety, money management, and building healthy relationships

Special Olympics

Our Special Olympics team competes in the summer games, winter games, and the yearly basketball tournament.

Our flexible schedule with evening and weekend options makes it easier for participants to attend community events.


We know that volunteerism builds strong community connections, so we take every opportunity to volunteer from helping out at the local library, to serving at the community luncheon to gathering donations for the
Humane Society.

For more information on how Ervin Community Supports helps people with intellectual disabilities learn, grow, and connect with their community, contact Pam Erskine, Director of Program Services at 207-938-0210.