Meet Our Directors

Kristin Overton

Executive Director

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Pamela Erskine

Director of Program Services

I am the Director of Program Services for SKILLS, Inc. I began my journey with SKILLS in 1989, as a per diem worker. I immediately fell in love with my new career. I worked hard, immersing myself in the services, learning everything I could, and taking every opportunity to move up the ladder and take on additional responsibilities. In 1999, I was offered and accepted my current position. One of my primary responsibilities is to ensure all people are treated with dignity and respect. My job is multifaceted, which provides me the opportunity to constantly stretch my limits with endless opportunities to grow and learn from the people SKILLS supports and from its employees. I am honored to guide such a dynamic organization.

Lori Lefferts

Director of Human Resourses

I am happy to have joined SKILLS, Inc., as the Director of Human Resources in 2016, bringing over 20 years of human resources experience in both for-profit and non-profit arenas. I am responsible for directing all human resources functions, including recruitment and retention, employee relations, and benefits administration. I am a Senior Certified Professional (SCP) with the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM) and I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

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Director of Finance

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Meet the Managers and Assistant Residential Managers

Rachel Fuller 

Residential Manager

I am Residential Manager of the residential facilities here at SKILLS. This is my newest adventure of many that I have had the opportunity to explore within the company. I initially started my career here in 2005 as a Direct Support Professional (DSP) working full-time on the weekends. I became a Team Leader in 2009, where I had the opportunity to work with many different individuals in many different locations within SKILLS. I am also a MANDT instructor and teach new and seasoned employees the importance of relationship building while supporting the individuals we serve. One of my favorite things about working at SKILLS is the many opportunities that you are given to grow and learn. There are always new challenges or adventures waiting for you every day!

Cindy Shaw

Community Support Manager

I have been working for SKILLS since May of 1998. I began my career as a Per Diem Direct Support Professional (DSP) and have since moved through a variety of positions, each with increasing responsibilities. I am now the Manager of Central Maine Community Supports, Ervin Community Supports, L.C. Dill Community Supports, and Pittsfield Community Supports. I love working for SKILLS, helping the people we support, and working as a team. It is a rewarding experience and I look forward to new adventures every day.

Patrick Bagley 

Community Integrated Services Manager

Shelley Corson

Assistant Residential Manager

Nicole Hubbard

Assistant Residential Manager

Meet the Community Support Team Leaders

Veda Varney

Pittsfield Community Supports/Home Supports

Sherry Wood

Ervin Community Supports

LC Dill Community Supports

Meet the Residential Program Team Leaders

Shawn Dumont

Per Diem/Agency Scheduler/ Training Specialist

Heather Williams

Gallagher Cottage Waiver/House in Shawmut

Photos Coming Soon!

Cody Tracy,  Dean Road Waiver
Richard Cray, Chandler Street
Rhonda LeBlanc,  Fuller Corner Waiver
Heather Andersen, Sand Road Waiver
Gail McCarthy,
Grange Waiver
Lynda Conrod, Petra House Waiver
Clarissa Sawyer, Mountain Road Waiver
 Lisa Shaw, Shared Living Facility
Ashlen Douglass,
Quarry Road Residential Center
Beans Corner
Hartland Road Waiver