Central Maine Community Supports

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A Place to Grow

At Central Maine Community Supports (CMCS) we develop skills for life while meeting Physical Therapy and Occupational Therapy needs. Through personalized therapy and fun activities we support adults with intellectual and other disabilities to build independent, fulfilled lives.

Personalized Experiences

Every person is different and no two have the same needs or desires. At Central Maine Community Supports our flexible program is personalized to meet the needs of each individual. We each have our own goals, but we work together to achieve them. Together we work on: Physical and Occupational therapy Activities of daily living Personal hygiene Communication (with adaptive devices if necessary) Building strength and health Our goal is to help each individual to become as independent as possible, while remaining safe and supported.

Fun for Personal Growth

There’s always something fun happening at Central Maine Community Supports. Some on-site activities include:
-Holiday parties
-Crafts and projects
-Themed clothing days
Together we also venture out into the community as often as we can. Experiencing movies, parks, museums, farms, shopping centers, restaurants and other public places gives us a chance to engage with the community and practice social skills. And we offer a $100 credit* to help full-time attendees pay for off-site activities. (*prorated for part-time attendance)

For more information on how Central Maine Community Supports helps people with intellectual disabilities learn and grow, contact Pam Erskine, Director of Program Services at 207-938-0210.

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